Friday, June 7, 2013

niledog #2

I usually do a lot of drawings prior to animating, but very few are worth showing.
I feel it's because I get a good feel for volumes and design tricks only after I start animating.
As with everything, I feel that it's only when I'm 'on top' of a subject that I can do my best work, when the brain stops working and it almost becomes muscle memory.
That only seems to happen when I flip drawings...
And of course, there is also something to be told about working on a scene that's part of a movie as opposed to doodling aimlessly on a piece of paper. You suddenly know what you need ( and maybe more importantly what you don't) you get a sense of your character and what it's all really about.
Having said that, I love some of these early drawings, done at a time when there is no real concern  about making it all consistent, easy to draw etc...

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