Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jour des corneilles#3

There are a few shots here and there in my career that have meant a lot to me, for various different reasons and this one easily ranks in the top five.
I really like the tone of the scene, the simple, everyday life aspect of it; a father trying to reach to his pouting daughter.
I'm not too happy about the pan in the middle of the shot, which in my opinion brings a bit too much attention to itself, but apart from that, it was a real treat.
I still have a vivid memory of seeing this scene for the first time in the animatic. I was taking the director's notes in the editing room, this sequence played out and I knew I had to animate it.
It's quite rare when this happens (and even rarer when the result lives up to your expectations...) but when it does, it feels special.
I guess it's for these kind of moments you become an animator in the first place.

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