Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jour des corneilles#4

I still have plenty of scenes of this film I could show, but for now it will be it.
I picked a silly little scene that would never make its way to a showreel but that I actually enjoyed animating.
Maybe I'm silly, but my favorite scenes are rarely the best ones. Not that this one is bad, but arguably it's not the type of shot I was dreaming of when I was studying to become an animator.
One of the few things I learned in life is that what you really really want rarely makes you happy, but it's the unexpected little things... Cruel thing though, you rarely get to enjoy these little things if you haven't put in the hard work beforehand.
Well, that's my experience anyway (or maybe it's my weird personality...)
In any case, nothing extraordinary in this scene, but I particularly like the baby.
Again, thanks for Courtney's tie down!

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