Saturday, September 7, 2013

GUM #4

I guess a professional, trained writer could lead a story towards a set subject without too much trouble, but I am not one and I when I 'write', the best I can do is assemble a bunch of things my mind has digested and make it work somehow.
And when writing Gum, I couldn't help but picking up on the fact that koreans have, how shall I put it?... a special realtionship to food. Well, that's a politically correct way of expressing what I really mean, that they're in fact obsessed with their food... First off, restaurants or food stalls everywhere (I mean everywhere...) but more telling than that, food is heavily featured on tv; you can't flick through channels without finding someone enjoying a meal, or competing for one...
In any case, if I can respect this um... passion, I find it hard to understand and relate to. Mostly because I can't for the life of me eat spicy food, but also because even though I do enjoy a good meal once in a while and my wife is a great cook, the way to my heart is definitely not through food.
So, to get back to my original point, all of this must have made its way through to the story of this grandpa who can't help but looking at chewing-gum as a disease-inducing thing that needs to be gotten rid of in favour of 'real food', rice.

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