Monday, November 3, 2014

Back in Europe

I've just come back to Europe after 9 months in Montreal where I was co-supervising the animation on 'un monde truqué', the french film based on the style of the famous french comic book artist, Tardi.
I really wanted to work on this film (as far back as 2010 I think, when I was first approached for the job... things take time in this business...) mostly because I liked the style and after watching the trailer they made, I really enjoyed the dystopian world it created.
Work was fun, mostly thanks to a good natured crew and  Nicola Lemay, with whom I was sharing an office and maybe a few too many laughs...

The old trailer for 'un monde truqué' can be seen below, but be aware that the designs changed quite a bit.

please also take a look at the NFB short Nicola made just prior to working with us, and that has earned him a few prices and fingers crossed, might get him an oscar nomination.

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