Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disney linetest#6

This scene was quite a challenge for a junior animator, but I was so confident at the time (beyond my abilities btw...) that I embraced it eagerly.
It was one of those magic storyboard trick where Stitch was on the back of Nani, and suddenly in the next panel, she's up and holding the two kids. I solved it with a weird hip movement that makes Stitch stumble and she then traps him under her leg, all the while preparing to stand up... I really had to think long and hard about the way she goes from a lying position to standing, and in the end I opted to twist her body  sideways, using depth rather than the silouhette to suggest  anticipations and weight shifts.
It's a bit strange and I have a feeling I might do it differently now , but it works...
I only made a rough indication for Stitch (someone else did the animation after me) but I did get to animate Lilo in this shot, and I always enjoyed animating characters that are pissed off, so that was fun.
My biggest regret with this shot though, is that the accents are quite a bit late... I must have been too busy trying to get through the technical hurdles to realize it at the time.

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