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Madeleine is the first of a series of very short films I'm planning to have fun making.
I've been working professionally for almost eleven years and have found that I have lost touch with who I am artistically. Of course there was Violince, but after two years, I've found that even there, I was falling into a routine, so this very short format allows me to experiment a bunch of new techniques and to stretch my legs a bit, and so far I love it.
My only regret is that this one took a bit longer than anticipated (though a reasonable two months...) because of the watercolour texturing I kind of stumbled upon, but I'm so pleased with the result that it was well worth it.
The main goal for me is to have fun making these shorts, but I also want to keep learning, so if you have comments, critics, I'm happy to hear about them!


As storyboards go, this one is pretty detailed and the drawings a lot more finalized than needed. It was the same for 'niledog' and there's a simple reason for that; I am not a story artist at heart and it's usually an exercise I don't really like.
I'm naturally very impatient, (which is weird considering I chose animation as a career) and storyboard feels both too slow and too fast all at once. It's a weird feeling that it should be done faster while I'm doing it, and I feel surprised and frustrated when it's done that I didn't connect with the scene or sequence; it falls right in my patience blind spot.
 So for me the only way to make working on a board enjoyable is to see pretty pictures at the end.
It goes without saying it's a silly way to approach a story work, as it makes every cut or editing choice very painful, but at the time I did this I didn't care much for efficiency; all I wanted was to make something pretty and to keep my 'artistic' sanity in the middle of all that TV work...


I was animating at the time on Disney sequels, when I realized, one fine day, that I had drawn nothing but Lilo and Stitch for 6 months.
I was fresh out of college, where I filled sketchbook after sketchbook, so it was a bit of a shock.  that's why I decided to dig up an old project, or rather a collection of ideas that I tried to fit in, more or less gracefully into Niledog.
I did some research, an animatic, a few bgs and off I went, because let's face it, what I wanted to do was animating!

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