Saturday, August 3, 2013

GUM #1

 GUM is a short film I was planning to animate up until about 2010.
I have done a whole animatic (that I will try to post next week) but somehow I was never really satisfied with it, it never really got any traction and bottom line, (though I only realized later) I have already done a short film and I'm not really fond of the format.
Some people do it really well, the 'anecdote' aspect of a short however doesn't really appeal to me, neither as an artist nor as an audience. I'm naturally drawn to longer stories, with characters develloping etc...

These drawings do not feature anyone that ended up in the film, but they represent the beginning of the journey.
I did those in Australia back in 2006  shortly after I met my then girlfriend, now wife.
I'm not crazy about all things korean, the spicy food especially, but I really like their traditionnal clothing; it just looks... cool.

I started drawing, playing with ideas in my head, but even though I liked where it was going graphically, I never got to anything looking even remotely like a good story and it slowly faded.

Cut to 2009, when I get offered a supervising job in Korea and spend 7 'difficult' months  trying to figure out what I'm doing there... My basic answer when I'm in a tough situation is 'work more', and so I did, and over the course of my stay, I wrote, designed and drew the animatic for GUM.

Now, almost nothing of my original ideas remain, not even my fondness for the clothing, but I still look back on it once in a while and I really like that small story of a grandpa struggling to connect with his grandkid...

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